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Hi Cllr, If you could PM me some contact details, I will definately contact her, We need all the support we can get, Thank you very much.
Hear Hear EcoWarrior, Claire E, you must keep posting on this site, or the very small minority have won. I for one love to read your very informative posts, however in case you don't read this I have PM'd you.
Claire E,
Please don't take your bat home.
Keep posting and keep us all informed. I'm sure a lot of good work goes on behind the scenes. Sticks and stones etc.
Useful and interesting info does come up on this forum. Everything from herons to footballers urinary habits (allegedly, to avoid accusations of slander, libel etc).
I was never tort the difference!

For any of you who do not know me, I am the secretary of Friends of Diglis Fields. I intend to be brief because I am disgusted at much of what has been said above, but the serious implications of these comments demands a response.

Firstly, Eco warrior you are absolutely right in what you say, the council have always made it clear that the timescale for these works is long term, hence the goal posts have gone back in the same place as before for now.

Secondly, there is no mystery over fundraising for the group. Everything we've done has been reported on this forum and in our newsletters. To begin with the group was funded by the committee members but obviously this was not tenable long term so we raised a little money to cover printing and postage costs etc, and also to provide the two lovely new benches on the field which many people seem to appreciate. We still have some money in the bank account, some of which will be used to produce another newsletter fairly shortly. I can assure you that all funds have been properly accounted for.

Thirdly, I do not think we have gone quiet at all. We have been present at all the consultation events and also held a litterpick in the summer. We have been in contact with the council throughout, specifically trying to work together to find a solution to the parking problem that does not involve sacrificing the grass verge.

I have edited out the last part of your post, there is no call to take the attitude you have taken and infere that the members of are all against you. If you post anything derogatory like you have about this site in future, you will be banned.


There is a fine line between discussion and argument which is at times hard to define. In general a discussion becomes an argument when the postings become personal and if this starts to become obvious then the Moderators will take necessary action which may include removal or locking of posts. Please see forum rules
With regard to the S106 funding paid to the City Council for improvements to Diglis Fields, the oldest is due to expire on 25.2,2015.  This is ?67k related to the Albion Mill development.  The other funds have much longer time scales to be spent in.  See City Council Cabinet Papers Agenda Item 5 for 15th April 2014.

I have been pressing for the publication of the results of the latest consultations and will continue to do so.  As there has been a change in administration, back to Conservative leadership, the priorities may have changed.
As a result of reading the Worcester News article, I have been contacted by a lady running a small local charity who might be interested in being involved in a community centre.  She has contacted the estate agents but they did not reply to her.
I don't remember any money being collected?
and then you added in the next post that ?80 was collected!

It seems obvious that christopher protests too much!  ::)
You obviously didn't pay much attention to your subject at school christopher.

The tort of  slander and libel are entirely different, one relates to the spoken word and the other relates to the written word, the law of defamation encompass both.

I didn't know you were the  Treasurer  until you mentioned it on here. If you feel you have a case against me then do proceed to the next stage.

Back to the goal posts:  they are the thin edge of the wedge by the greener and cleaner department. The obvious step and the cheapest, would have been NOT to put them back in the same position thus starting the redevelopment. If it's delayed much more then some of the 106 money will have to be paid back to the developers with interest.
"There is a rumour that the treasurer left the group so I can only guess where the funds they had collected may have gone, which obviously I'm not going to repeat on an open forum."

I did Law and English and that would be termed an accusation. It is also slanderous and libellous.

I don't quite know what you are trying to achieve but I can assure you that all 106 monies are currently safely in the possession of the council, benches installed were sponsored and paid for and apart from ?80 made at the local car boot no profits were made.

I have made not made any accusations.
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