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Community notice board / Parrot lost
« Last post by Admin on September 19, 2014, 06:15:47 PM »

The telephone number is a little obscure, I'll try and get down there tomorrow and put it on here so it can be read.
I went past the fields today and took some photo's of the football pitch near the model railway. When the Worcester City Parks and Recreation Department made the decision to re-erect the goal posts they did not consider that the new children's play area is only a few feet away from the goal area!

They obviously didn't come and inspect the work or they would have spotted the mistake.

Unless they remove the football pitch or the children's play area there will be a serious accident when the inevitable ball hits a small child playing in the children's play area.

Community notice board / Model Railway
« Last post by mary on September 14, 2014, 06:38:28 PM »
There was an extra day of fun on the model railway for charity. The model railway is an asset to the Diglis area and gives a lot of pleasure to many residents all over Worcester and beyond.

They plan to open the model railway again this coming weekend the 20th and 21st between 2.30 and 4.30pm.

It's their 60th anniversary and part of the marking of that anniversary are these extra opening days. I'm sure all the members of wish them well for the next sixty years and we will do all in out power to ensure that the model railway gets there fair share of the S106 monies.

All power to them  :)
Community notice board / Road closed
« Last post by mary on September 13, 2014, 08:58:28 PM »
The Diglis Road closed for what may be resurfacing or a trench to carry the fiber optic broadband cables down Diglis lane and into the surrounding areas. This may coincide with the resurfacing of the pavement along Diglis lane, if it is the laying of fiber optic cables then I suspect it will also lead into the canal side / basin development, a much needed boost for the high tec businesses that are springing up in the new development.
General Chat / Re: Message Button
« Last post by KeithM on September 10, 2014, 07:03:27 PM »
WOW Jerry, I wont even pretend to know what your talking about! Well over my head, but seriously looking forward to seeing new site, many thanks.
General Chat / John the Swan
« Last post by PostcodeAnywhere on September 10, 2014, 04:54:10 PM »
Hi guys, I thought you might be interested in our recent blog and all join us in looking after John the Swan :
I haven't posted on this forum since Jan when I had to under go some medical treatment. I was in the process of trying to get 'village green status' for the Diglis fields but had to give up. I have now been given the all clear and I have been keeping myself updated on events.

I also contributed a lot of money to the Friends of Diglis Fields via their PayPal button. I would like to see the accounts and how the money has been spent. It is not unreasonable to know how one's contribution
was used is it?
General Chat / Re: Message Button
« Last post by jerry on September 10, 2014, 01:10:51 PM »
Hi KeithM

I had to disable the PM button because has been inundated with bots (small algorithms that roam the internet, also known as spiders), all web sites suffer from them and have to be very vigilant keeping them out or removing the messages they leave behind. Normally they try to post their website or post a message selling viagra etc..

Unfortunately the one that managed to gain access recently was designed to PM other members. I've been working flat out, with the Administrator, to rebuild the whole site but didn't want to take the site down for maintenance until the new look site is ready to put into place.

So it was decided that it would be best to disable the PM button.

jerry, forum moderator.
General Chat / Message Button
« Last post by KeithM on September 09, 2014, 05:32:14 PM »
Is it just me being technically thick again or has the message button disappeared from the site, I was looking for a reply from Cllr Denham re the community centre. But I can't find the button!
Hi ClairE

I have to agree with Eco Warrior and KeithM

If you come on for the first time in ages all guns blazing it gives the impression that you feel attack is the best form of defense. There have been one or two posters who have questioned what the Friends of Diglis Fields have done with the funds and given that there has been no transparency by the committee ( no accounts published, no information on how the money has been spent and certainly no photographs or other information regarding the activity of the committee, I fully understand why one or two people would post as they have ).

Would you please post the state of play regarding how many members of the committee there are now, and there nick names? For insistence I had no idea that the treasurer had decided to leave, until it was published on here, I have no idea who the committee members are and I certainly have no idea on any future plans the Friends of Diglis Fields have for the year ahead.

The committee has never posted any minutes of any meetings you have had or even posted information concerning the interaction between yourselves and the Greener and Cleaner Department.

All in all I would give full marks for all the work that the group has put in but I'm afraid that you have not been keeping all interested parties up to speed. It seems odd that you want members of this site to contact you using their PM facilities so that you can conduct future proceedings without letting the rest of the residents know what's going on.

I know you published a newsletter but again there wasn't a mention of how the money was spent, ie: how much did the benches cost, how much did the printing cost that was referred to by christopher, how much is left in the coffers.

Stuff like that people need to know or they might jump to the wrong conclusions as it may have happened in this case, who knows?

So as Eco Warrior said please don't spit out your dummy and do please be more transparent with your supporters, after all I have donated money in the past to the cause  :).
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