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Hello fellow internees, hope all are keeping well. Condolences to May, who lost her son to covid-19. She is coping with a lot of support from her family and neighbours., our thoughts and good wishes are with her.
Thanks jerry but I tried that link and to be honest it wasn't much use.
Hi Janice,
I can appreciate how worried you may be concerning food help. Perhaps the people at Hear2Help may be able to help. I'll post a link here:

This link was kindly provided by Robin Walkers office.
Hope that helps in some way.
Jerry, I understand that it may happen next week, but who knows!
i am getting very worried concerning the food situation. We are both well into our seventies and have been self isolating ever since we were told to by the government we have no neighbours who will offer to help get supplys  and have no friends of family here. We look out of our window and see youn fit people coming and going with bags laden with food, we can not get to the super market!
I am suer there are lots of people in our situation. :(
Jerry, I understand that it may happen next week, but who knows!
Anybody know when the virus volunteers will be operating?
Stay well, everybody.
I have to agree with mary, the people who are hording must have enough food to feed an army, blimey over a billon 's worth of food (and loo roll ) is stored in the home of a few British people.

I'm also scratching my head as to how I'm able to help without the risk of spreading the virus and I haven't come up with anything as yet, if people read this and require help and I'm able to give that help then pm me, I'll do my up most to help you.

to echo mary: stay safe all...
I can't think how I may be able to be of assistance  at this time, so if you don't mind I'll just  have a rant: Went to Tesco's yesterday and although  it was early and the time for older people to do their shop I could not get in, people clearly under 65 just pushed in, nearly knocking  me over. The had stripped  most of the shelves of basics. Now I could blame the younger generations but the fault I feel, is with Tesco, they have had enough time to be able to manage the situation but for whatever reason, have failed. Tesco put people  on the door to prevent this unfair situation... *rant over*

Stay safe all.
I live in the diglis area and would be willing to have parcels delivered for people who work in the emergency services, delivered here and they can be picked up between hours of 3pm to10pm.
PM me
Hello Diglis,
I am pleased that you have opened up this topic subject.  We are facing unprecedented challenges to our health and our way of life.  It is useful to have a forum where neighbours can help and support each other.

As your Worcester City Councillors, Jabba Riaz and I are available to help deal with any particular concerns.  We are in touch with Council officers and a number of community groups.  Our contact details are at the end of this post.

Worcestershire County Council have now set up a Covid-19 information site, including a Here2Help section so that volunteers and people in need can find each other.

Lynn Denham
07828 971146
Facebook Lynn Denham for Worcester
Twitter @LynnDenham1

Jabba Riaz
07908 754484
Facebook Jabbar Riaz
Twitter @JabbaRiaz
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