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Training stations


At all of the consultations held by the city council, it was acknowledged there was definitely going to be a number of training stations dotted about diglis fields. It seems the council have gone back on their word and are now saying there isn't enough money left in the pot to buy and install said training stations! However, they found the money to improve the riverside path between the basin footbridge and the sustrans river bridge.

Not so long ago the new head of the greener and cleaner department at the city council (Councillor Andrew Roberts) told the evening news that no money from the s106 money would be used on the riverside area, now we are told that they have used a huge amount of that money to do work on land that belongs to the canal and rivers trust. :(

It's a travesty that should be corrected and the training stations be now installed.

It seems that the relatively new conservative councillor for the greener and cleaner department has ignored  the wishes of the people who were consulted and now he's got money to spend on his own vanity projects. I hope the residents of the Diglis area will remember this when it's voting time once more.  >:(

Cllr Lynn Denham:
I attended the City Council Cabinet meeting on 28th July.  I said that a number of residents were very disappointed that 'the money ran out' before the outdoor gym equipment on the priority list.  I shall continue to press for transparency on the spending of these community funds and any future monies which are due from ongoing housing developments.

Thank you Cllr Denham, it's comforting to know that there is some one with your expertise on the case.


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