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Final details of major ?900,000 revamp of Diglis area of Worcester revealed

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First published Wednesday 3 December 2014 in News
 Worcester News: Photograph of the Author Exclusive by Tom Edwards, Political Reporter

AN EXCITING ?900,000 revamp of the Diglis area of Worcester is about to get the green light - as final details emerged on what is planned.

Your Worcester News can reveal how the city council has now settled upon 11 different projects for the Diglis fields and plans to start work on the site in January.

A report has been published on the Diglis fields calling it "an increasingly important" part of the city.

The plans, due to be endorsed by the Conservative cabinet on Tuesday, include: - New seating, public art and interpretation boards at various locations

- Extra planting around the fields and an "amended mowing" schedule to increase areas of longer grass and wild flowers

- New boundary fending running along the eastern boundary, gates on all the entrances and a hard-surfaced path passing around the football pitches to "link areas of interest"

- A new children's play area to replace the one currently out of action and outdoor gym equipment worth ?20,000 similar to that at Gheluvelt Park to form a "fitness trail" linking to jogging and cycle routes

- The Severn Way footpath will be enhanced with natural minerals, with improved surfacing as it passes the nature reserve

- The toilet block and community building for the popular 'Worcester and District Model Engineers' group, which uses the site from March to October, will be revamped at a cost of ?50,000

- ?80,000 towards sprucing up the allotments which is likely to include fencing, new water supplies, pathways and a new access road

- The tatty River Basin area linking Diglis Bridge to the Cherry Orchard nature reserve will be completely refurbished, resulting in new surfacing and tree planting, with two derelict garages also removed to open up the views towards Worcester Cathedral

The report on it says Worcester's revamped walking and cycling routes in and around Diglis are now a "significant leisure facility" used used by "hundreds of thousands" of people each year.

The council intends to start on-site early next year, working its way through 11 pieces of work starting with the play equipment.

It wants to complete the entire revamp over a two-year period through to the end of 2016.

The report also says parking remains a "major concern" and talks are ongoing about addressing that, with one option to carve out spaces at council-owned land at Trow Way.

The ?912,000 budget is being funded by developers in return for planning permission on new houses in Worcester, with ?650,000 already handed over and the rest due to be paid in instalments by 2017.

Comments (5)

wr5resident2 says...

We are fed up of artists impressions that never come to fruition - give us solid plans!

Gorecki says...

Hate being negative, but seems incredibly unambitious. Almost as if the brief was "decide how best to spend ?1million in the least offensive/troublesome way possible" rather than doing something fantastic for Worcester.

Off topic, there is a residents Diglis forum below:,441.0.html

Apparently a previous developer was required to create a Diglis community center as part of their plans. This has been built and remained empty (the developers tried to obtain change of use and sell as flats recently).

If you have any ideas etc, might be worth contacting the site.

FranklyFrank says...

There was a lot of consultation with local residents, so as one myself I can't fault the council in its response

Small Town says...

Great stuff, sounds like and looks to be a wonderful investment in family facilities in an area where there are so many. Once again, thanks to the council for their vision on this scheme.

smeg-head says...

Shame the council does not see Perdiswell park in the same way as it does Digles playing fields and surrounding area. All they want to do is dig up Perdiswell park because it's cheaper to build on green land. Grrrrrr.

Council endorses ?900,000 Diglis revamp and pledges to solve city's 'missing link'

So it's true that a large sum of the Section 106 money is to be spent on a long stretch of the river bank! Despite all the denials made by Cllr. Roberts. :o

--- Quote ---Councillor Simon Geraghty, the leader, said: "This is an ambitious project and it's great to see those riverside improvements because I think many people see this (the old canal basin before Diglis bridge) as the 'missing link'.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: susan on December 03, 2014, 05:14:45 PM ---
--- Quote ---3.5 Project 2. Riverside Link

3.5.1 The City Council and other partners have invested substantially in developing the
linear riverside park and walking and cycling routes which are now a significant
leisure facility and visitor attraction enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people
each year. The link between the Diglis Bridge which alights in the North West of the
Cherry Orchard Nature Reserve, and the newly developed River Basin area is
conspicuous as an ?unfinished? link that contrasts with the rest of the riverside

The majority of the riverside areas are on land owned by the charitable Canal and
River Trust (CRT). Officers have worked with colleagues at CRT and Worcestershire
County Council and reached an agreement in principle to implement the scheme
shown at Appendix 3, and establish on-going maintenance responsibilities.

3.5.2 The proposed scheme will see the removal of two derelict garages, and the opening
up of the river bank to provide seating areas and views of the River Severn, of
Worcester Cathedral to the North, and of the Diglis Lock Island to the West.

3.5.3 Worcestershire Highways have agreed to provide physical traffic restrictions to the
riverside route, and lighting will complete a lit route from Worcester Bridge to Diglis
Bridge and across to Lower Wick.

3.6 Project 3. Diglis Bridge / Cherry Orchard

3.6.1 The North Western section of the Cherry Orchard Nature Reserve meets the landing
point of the Diglis Bridge, with connecting pathways going north along the River
Severn and east to Diglis Fields. This low lying area is currently managed as natural
scrub land, and can appear unkempt and unwelcoming at certain times of the year.
An appropriate annual maintenance plan will be developed and maintenance
responsibilities agreed to ensure that sight lines are maintained and a welcoming
environment is sustained.

--- End quote ---

--- End quote ---

Dispite all the denials by the 'Cleaner and Greener Department' stateing that no money from the Diglis Fields development will be used for the riverside development, it is going ahead using the S106 monies that were set aside for the Diglis Fields and the Cherry Orchard Nature Reserve!

The area does need improvement but the cash to do this should either be from the Worcester City Council or the River and Canals Trust.

We have been lied to by the Worcester City Council and their lackeys.


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