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--- Quote ---3.5 Project 2. Riverside Link

3.5.1 The City Council and other partners have invested substantially in developing the
linear riverside park and walking and cycling routes which are now a significant
leisure facility and visitor attraction enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people
each year. The link between the Diglis Bridge which alights in the North West of the
Cherry Orchard Nature Reserve, and the newly developed River Basin area is
conspicuous as an ?unfinished? link that contrasts with the rest of the riverside

The majority of the riverside areas are on land owned by the charitable Canal and
River Trust (CRT). Officers have worked with colleagues at CRT and Worcestershire
County Council and reached an agreement in principle to implement the scheme
shown at Appendix 3, and establish on-going maintenance responsibilities.

3.5.2 The proposed scheme will see the removal of two derelict garages, and the opening
up of the river bank to provide seating areas and views of the River Severn, of
Worcester Cathedral to the North, and of the Diglis Lock Island to the West.
3.5.3 Worcestershire Highways have agreed to provide physical traffic restrictions to the
riverside route, and lighting will complete a lit route from Worcester Bridge to Diglis
Bridge and across to Lower Wick.

3.6 Project 3. Diglis Bridge / Cherry Orchard

3.6.1 The North Western section of the Cherry Orchard Nature Reserve meets the landing
point of the Diglis Bridge, with connecting pathways going north along the River
Severn and east to Diglis Fields. This low lying area is currently managed as natural
scrub land, and can appear unkempt and unwelcoming at certain times of the year.
An appropriate annual maintenance plan will be developed and maintenance
responsibilities agreed to ensure that sight lines are maintained and a welcoming
environment is sustained.

--- End quote ---

All those denials by the Cleaner and Greener portfolio holder seem a little weak now!  >:(


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