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Is it just me being technically thick again or has the message button disappeared from the site, I was looking for a reply from Cllr Denham re the community centre. But I can't find the button!

Hi KeithM

I had to disable the PM button because has been inundated with bots (small algorithms that roam the internet, also known as spiders), all web sites suffer from them and have to be very vigilant keeping them out or removing the messages they leave behind. Normally they try to post their website or post a message selling viagra etc..

Unfortunately the one that managed to gain access recently was designed to PM other members. I've been working flat out, with the Administrator, to rebuild the whole site but didn't want to take the site down for maintenance until the new look site is ready to put into place.

So it was decided that it would be best to disable the PM button.

jerry, forum moderator.

WOW Jerry, I wont even pretend to know what your talking about! Well over my head, but seriously looking forward to seeing new site, many thanks.


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