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I wentpast Diglis playing fields today and noticed that the grass has been cut AND the goal post's near the new childres playground had been put back in the same postion near the playground!

It was considered unsafe to have the pitch so near for fear a child could be be hit by a football from a game, also the foul language and urinating would not be something parents would like their children to experience once more.

It had been agreed that the residents of Diglis wanted only two pitches and that one would be closed. I'm aghast!

Also when are the results of the consultations going to be made available to the community and when will the schedule of works be published?

I fear that time and money has been spent trying to come to an agreement with Worcester City Council only to be ignored, not good at all.  >:(

I'm disgusted. The Council ask the community what they would like on the fields and then completely ignore us.

I saw the concept plans on different occasions and that first football pitch was definitely not on them and was to be part of the imaginative  play area.

I fear that the 106 money will now be spent on the riverside leaving the fields as they are.

The friends of diglis fields are conspicuous by their absence, is it the case that they have been got at? :-\ 

I have to agree with the two posts before this. I also took part in the consultations and what a meal they made of it. There have been at least four consultations in various places and then the whole process was repeated and they had another three after that!!

What a waste of money on salaries for overtime but also ?20,000 on some abject drawings which as it happens seem to have been disregarded by the Worcester City Council Parks and Recreation Department.

It's maddening to see that we have all been duped and as for the friends of diglis fields group they seem to have had their heads turned and gone into hiding. I do wonder what has happened to all the money they collected over the period.  >:(

Once they paint in the white lines then all is lost, perhaps some direct action is called for?

Eco Warrior:
I can understand the frustration expressed.

I don't know what the timescale of implementing the pretty drawings we all saw was, I suspect years rather than months.

Friends of the Diglis fields does seem to have gone a bit quiet recently, coincidental with Francis Lancaster's failure to get re-elected?

I suggest that you get in touch with Cllr Lynn Denham to express your points. She has always replied with help and info when I've contacted her.

I've got her email address so PM me if you'd like it.

One point I'm interested in, Hazel mentions money collected. What money? How much? Collected under the auspices of who/what?


I don't remember any money being collected? There was a car boot sale a couple of years ago, any money from that went to advertising, leaflet printing etc.

I'm pretty sure that the consultation views have been noted but as with most things concerning the council, don't hold your breath. I suppose the reduction in pitches will happen when the other work is undertaken?

I noticed today that parking is still an issue, surely this can be sorted out now though as relocation is all that is required.


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