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On behalf of KeithM I've  posted the poster that he's going to have printed for the 'Support Our Community Centre' campaign.

If enough people are interested and support the campaign it will most probably kick start the opening of the building as a community centre.

If you look at the building that was proposed by Taylor Wimpey as a community centre before planning was given to the whole area for apartments you will see that it was built as flats. The consensus of opinion is that Taylor Wimpey never intended this building to become a community centre.

If anyone would like to see something added or taken away from this poster please post here, KeithM has put it up for approval by the community.

So please act now and support what KeithM is trying to achieve.

Eco Warrior:
Can't fault the sentiment but I'm pretty certain that both the "it's" should not have an apostrophe. Something about possessive pronouns like "his" and "hers" but genderless.

I'm not 100% sure but please check.

If I am wrong then please accept my apologies.


Thank you EW, they have been removed! Regards Keith

40 Posters gone out today, local shops, pub and apartment blocks, many people saying they would like to see the centre open, fingers crossed!

I've stapled one onto the notice board at the co-op  ;D


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