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Positive replies only please in support of the Diglis Community Centre.

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St. Mark's Church Hall already holds quite a few community events and classes. As a "ready made" venue would that not be suitable for whatever may be envisaged?

St Marks holds lots of other events so are limited timewise. I think that the people trying to get Diglis Community Center off the ground would like to fill the place everyday and evenings, also weekends.

Lots of interesting ideas being talked about; web use for people who haven't tried, boxing for youths so would need to store their ring and punchbags, flower arranging, history lessons, boat maintenance, oh so many I could fill the page.

Suffice to say that the Diglis CC would be more practical for the people living round the basin.

Hi Susan, my vision entirely, If the building  has already been reserved as a community centre and signposted as such, then how do we get it kitted out as a fully functioning CC, why would it have for sale or to let boards? Maybe Councillor Denham could tell us where to start?

Please see Adam Scott's reply four posts up for ideas and suggestions.

Thanks Jaybee and Adam, Thats two of us who would help to set it up! though it is disappointing that only three people have actually filled in the yes/no questions out of all the times it has been read. but never say never, will keep plodding on, I'm thinking about doing a small leaflet drop to the whole of Diglis, so that anybody that does not know about this site and might want to get involved, can.


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