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Positive replies only please in support of the Diglis Community Centre.

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Cllr Lynn Denham:
As a result of reading the Worcester News article, I have been contacted by a lady running a small local charity who might be interested in being involved in a community centre.  She has contacted the estate agents but they did not reply to her.

Hi Cllr, If you could PM me some contact details, I will definately contact her, We need all the support we can get, Thank you very much.

Hi all,
I really want to support this campaign, I live in Cherry Orchard and have been looking forward to having a community centre open. I run after school drama clubs and would love to have one there, I'd also like my son to access any youth provision there when he's older.
Please keep me informed.
Beth Walsh

Hi Beth, thank you for your post, at present Adam and I are gettingf a door to door questionaire and a public meeting sorted, If you could attend that it would be great to meet you! Will advise on here as soon as the date time and venue are sorted.


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