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Positive replies only please in support of the Diglis Community Centre.

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Under the terms of the agreement between Taylor Wimpey and the Worcester City Council it was agreed that a community centre would be built for the benefit on the Diglis residents. The building has been built on Diglis Dock Road and even a finger post erected pointing to it. However, it's never been opened and is filled with building materials.

Sarah1302 asked the question of its whereabouts.

Cllr. Denham replied:

--- Quote from: Cllr Lynn Denham on July 19, 2014, 03:26:04 PM ---The designated 'Community Centre' on the development is the empty block on Diglis Dock Road that the builders are using for storage.  It has a 'To Let' or 'For Sale' sign on it.  A while back the developer put in a planning application to convert the 'community centre' to more apartments.  I challenged this with the planning officers and it was refused.
The potential for a 'community centre' is still there for now!

--- End quote ---

And KeithM is very keen to get this facility open for the good of the community.

Positive posts only please.

KeithM or anyone, if your can think of more questions that could be put in the poll please PM me.

To view the results and comments you have vote first.

Eco Warrior:
Just tried to post my vote which failed as I'm a 4 x No.

Sorry guys but as I've said elsewhere I feel it's a non starter and I'm too busy to flog a dead horse.

No here's a challenge - prove me wrong. I'll be happy to eat humble pie if you get it going. Good luck.

I hope someone takes up the challenge and runs with it.At present,only members of Diglis.com are aware of plans for a community centre,and altho' membership is high...there are still a good few hundred folk out there who know nothing about any community centre.

Perhaps anyone interested could contact the local paper with a view to letting the people of Diglis know what is available via an article...the free paper (Berrows) would probably be more than willing to run a story on it.Just a thought....

You could always pop down to the co-op. We have a notice board behind the till. Lots of customers read the board. Happy to put a notice up for you.  8)

adam scott:
Hi all, just reading the discussion on the community centre with interest.  I am a trustee and Deputy  Chair of the Worcester Community Trust which runs the seven community centres that were transferred across to the new charity by the local authority (referred to above).  I also help Lynn out with her ward issues. 

While the WCT centres all do a great job and are really busy with lots of activities, serving a city-wide catchment area, none are within easy walking distance of Diglis.   Money is really tight and we are desperately searching for new funding to replace the diminishing public sector funds which set them up.  Nevertheless I am sure WCT would be supportive.

It strikes me that a new Diglis Community Centre would need the following:
Premises  Great that there seems to be a space available, due to planning and Lynn ? but who owns it and would they give a lease for it to the local community?  And what rent would they charge?  What actually could it be used for? ? probably not sports, but a great multi-purpose meeting and cultural space.
Organisation. A local body needs to be set up to take a lease.  Not difficult ? there?s lots of examples around of how to do this ? but needs committed people to take this on and set up something new for Diglis.  Two good examples are St Peter?s Parish Hall and Lyppard Grange.
Finances.  What costs would there be of a building, not just rent but also obvious heat and power, cleaning, equipment, etc.  Some recurring costs, some one-offs.  What would you charge users? Needs an overall business plan, which would make it possible to search for alternative funding e.g. National Lottery, Trusts and donations.
Local Commitment.  People to use the centre, to make bookings, organise it and provide volunteer support.   But now lots of planning and open discussion, getting as many people involved as possible.  The work of diglis.com is a fantastic springboard.

I would be glad to join a team setting this up.


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