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Happy Birthday Joel

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What a wonderful place to hold your child's birthday party on Diglis fields by the miniature railway and the new children's play area. Joel's parents (Claire and Jim) got permission from Michell Newell of Worcester City Council to hold a celebration for Joel's 4th Birthday. To contact Michelle Newell for further details  Click Here

Some photo's of the event taken with parental permission:

Joel having a wonderful time.

Joel's parents and relatives enjoying the Birthday.

Inflatable croc, seems like fun.

The mouth of the croc.

People generally enjoying the fine day on Diglis fields.

Residents of Diglis with their two daughters (Summer and Scarlett).

Didn't see you going down the inflatable slide Jaybee?  :)

Clair Parish:
Joel had a wonderful party in the park, the weather was wonderful and we invited lots of children from the train to come and enjoy the inflatable croc for free.  A great afternoon for everyone. 

This is a great space for parties and the application to have an event is pretty simple.  Michelle will help with the form too and point you in the right direction. And there's no cost involved!

Eco Warrior:
Looks like a good time was had by all. It's great to see the space being used by different sections of the community.
Just wondering when you have to apply to hold an "event"?
If my wife and I take a couple of deck chairs and a bottle of wine and enjoy a summers evening I assume that's not an event, but if there are also fifty of our friends, we light up a BBQ, hire a band, let off fireworks it presumably is. So where is the line drawn?

Best to check with Michelle I suppose,if you really wanted to hold a big "do".
Must agree,it's great to see so many folk enjoying the area.

Once the fitness stations are in,it will attract even more people.It was suggested to me on Sunday,that the new picnic area should be put on the old empty playground,under the trees.....people were wilting in the heat!


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