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Contacted Warwick Neale today, who told me he would be starting analysing the final consultations this Friday. He will contact me next week with the results of how the 106 money is to be spent,and the itinerary of the work to be done improving Diglis fields and Cherry orchard Nature Reserve.

Watch this space.........

I have been wondering what had happened with the consultation results, I can only hope that work starts ASAP before any money has to be forfeited by Worcester City Council because they had taken the eye off the ball!

It's been nearly four weeks since Warwick Neale told jaybee that he had started to count the numbers involved during the last consultation paper; the one that had all the plans in place but the Worcester City Council was asking the community if they liked what they had decided on.

Surely it doesn't take that long to do a simple task like checking the amount of peoples views?
Will there be a schedule of works published for the residents to see and will all the money be spent on what has already been laid out for the use of the s106 monies?

What concerns me is that a huge chunk will be used on riverside improvements to the detriment of the Diglis fields.

The silence is deafening!

I've had a great many emails asking what's going on re the 106 monies.I'll email Warwick Neale this week and let everyone know what he says.

I've had a reply from Warwick Neale,who has had no time,due to pressure of work to collate the "Have Your Say" replies.He hopes to start work on them shortly.Will keep you posted.


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