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Fill in the online questionnaire on Diglis Playing Fields and Cherry Orchard LNR

Residents of Diglis area are being invited to view and comment on plans to invest ?912,000 in the Diglis Fields area.

To view the Worcester City Councils page on this Consultaion please click HERE
The money is to be used for improvements to public open space in the area at Diglis Playing Fields, Cherry Orchard Nature Reserve and the adjacent riverside.
You can see the latest plans at the following times:

Sunday 18 May:  2.00pm ? 4.00pm at Worcester Model Engineers, Diglis Playing Fields, Waverley Street.

Saturday 31 May:  10.00am ? 2.00pm at the Guildhall, High Street, Worcester.

Saturday 7th June, 10:00 til 14:00 Cafe Afloat in Diglis Basin.

So far ?85,000 has been spent on footpath improvements, play area improvements and landscape design.
Following previous consultation with local residents, it is now proposed that the remainder is spent on the following improvements.

1.Creating a newly equipped play area, as well as providing equipment for less structured, imaginative play too

2.Installing outdoor gym equipment, similar to that already in Gheluvelt Park

3.Enhancing and improving riverside areas, including the development of a scheme to improve segregation and safety for walkers and cyclists, and to create an attractive riverside environment in partnership with the Canal & River Trust and Worcestershire County Council

4.Increase the number of entrances to Diglis Playing Fields, and improve boundary fencing

5.Re-surface the paths in Diglis Playing Fields, increasing accessibility for pedestrians, cyclists, pushchairs, wheelchairs and mobility scooters

6.Improve the pathways leading to the Nature Reserve

7.Create a new picnic area

8.Reduce the current number of football pitches from three to two

9.Establish new parking opportunities.

Before you fill in the questionnaire please see other consultation documents:

Click on image to enlarge.

For a higher resulution Concept plan4_ preferred option prefered option4 to view the PDF format.

Phasing opportunities

In-Line Parking -Oppertunities



Fill in the online questionnaire on Diglis Playing Fields and Cherry Orchard LNR

I've noticed a few of the on-line survey questions are not consistent, for instance it asks:

'areas identified for recreation and football' and only gives you the following options:

Very Satisfied   Satisfied   No Opinion    Dissatisfied   Very Dissatisfied.

I'm very satisfied  with the recreation, I'm assuming that recreation is the area near the existing play ground; but very dissatisfied that there are still two football pitches although I'm very satisfied that the two remaining pitches are being moved to the north of the fields.

On the map it shows St Marks close on Waverly Street then asks the following:

'proposed bow top fence along Waverley Street and St Mark's Close.'

No mention of Diglis Lane!

There is also a further consultation event at Cafe Afloat on Saturday 7th June, 10:00 til 14:00

For the full details of the proposals, please visit the Worcester City Council's Consultations page:


Heather Bainbridge
Assistant Ranger, Worcester City Council

Eco Warrior:

I agree that the survey is poorly constructed in places, eg not separating "football" and "recreation" however I really cannot see your (and others) anti football stance.

I'm not a player or a fan but I strongly believe that anything that gets people, young and old, male or female, off their backsides and exercising has to be a good thing. It's only 2 hours or so on one day a week, and not even all year round. OK they swear a bit but young people do, you hear the F word in common use all the time now. You may not like it but it's a fact of life. Language is a living, changing thing.

The litter problem seems to have been much reduced by sensible talking between interested parties and cooperation from all.

Car parking is a common problem experienced by many people and caused by many others.

Just because one does not enjoy a particular activity does not mean that those that do should be deprived of their enjoyment. The pitches can be used by anyone else at all other times thus providing a green space for anything from Acrobatics to Zumba!

I'm sure that any omission of Diglis Lane from having a new fence on the survey is an error.

Regarding the football pitches, the Cinderella Ground (ex-Kays site) will come on stream in the future with refurbished pavillion, changing facilities and parking. Footballers will be able to choose whether to stay at Diglis or move to what is a purpose-built sports field.


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