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26th April,and I've just heard the Cuckoo on the reserve (9.20 to be precise) :)
There were at least two over there last year.
Cuckoos disappeared from the reserve for a few years,but have come back every year since 2000.

really good to know that they are back. Last year I saw at least one most evenings when I was walking around the reserve so I look forward to seeing them again.

I've heard the cuckoo on lots of occasions (how could you not hear them) but I've never seen one live.

I may be lucky this year though because they / it sound SO close to the houses on Waverley street.

There were 2 there the last time I was on the reserve and saw one of them. That was tuesday.

It's great to hear the cuckoo, hear it every year!  There seems to be a woodpecker too  ;D


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