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fire pits near the sands


....... I also collected about a dozen beer cans and two used barbecues off the reserve today. There is also some burnt wood in two fire pits, which if allowed to continue could be a fire problem when the warm dry weather arrives.

There have been a number of Eastern Europeans living on the reserve and on the river banks over the last two years or so.They leave early in the morning arrive late evening and set up their camp.

On the odd occasion The Wildlife Rangers have seen where they camp, last year I think it was and on the last litter pick a suitcase was discovered with clothes in it. I've watched a documentary about them living rough and hiding there stuff while they go out to work on the farms.

It could also be kids but I'm not so sure they would bother getting their hands dirty and sitting round a fire with all the smoke and muck associated with fires etc..

Either way I don't think much can be done unless a watch is kept on the fire pits and where the BB Q's were found. Are you able to post where you found them christopher?

First turning off from the footbridge and up the sand bank.

Ah, I see. That would be land owned by the Canal and River Trust land and not the Cherry Orchard Nature Reserve.

I think you will find that there has always been bbq's there mainly from fishermen and easy access to scrub, twigs etc.. Plus sand if the fire gets out of control.


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