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Post removed because it breaks the rule on advertising which we all signed up to when we registered.

--- Quote ---Any business that wants to advertise their product or service must pay for an advertisement slot. Any advertising without paying for the slot for advertising their product or service will be removed without prior notice.
--- End quote ---

Claire E:
Does this refer to my post Jerry? If so, I'm a little confused because the event is intended to be for the benefit of the community and the charge is merely to cover costs. By all means remove the reference to the business of the person who is leading the event if you wish, I did not mention it to plug his business but to demonstrate that the event was being guided by someone who knew their stuff.

The person who runs the business benefits from the event to the tune of ?75 and that business gets, in effect, free advertising. There is no benefit to the community.

If you feel that I have acted above my remit then please refer this to the Admin.

Claire E:
Hi Jerry, I don't think you've acted above your remit but I do disagree with your decision. The benefit to the community is in getting together to learn about our surroundings, and the small charge covers a hand out plus 90 minutes of his time and knowledge. Happy to let Admin be the judge.

I was told today that the herb walk was yesterday. If these posts refer to that then well done Jerry, I did not know about it because you didn't advertise it. I didn't see any posters around the fields either unfortunately.  :(


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