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Listen out for a woodpecker at the southern end of the reserve(the Duck Brook end).It's been giving it some welly for the last couple of days.Always a sign of spring :)

Eco Warrior:
Yes we heard a woodpecker too. About 9 ish one morning this week, not too far the path to the bridge, so more north than south. I've no idea how small a territory they have so it might be a different one. There again it might be the same one!

Maybe the woodpecker in question is the greater spotted that has been a regular visitor to our gardens at the southern end of the fields?It has been particularly active this spring and has managed to open up the entrances to three of our tit boxes.

There's always been a woodpecker(s) in the Withy Beds where the trees are very tall,but this year  they seem to be preparing to nest in the reserve possibly...the knocking noise they make certainly seems to be coming from the reserve.Perhaps the trees are now mature enough for them to use?
I regularly saw green woodpeckers on the reserve pecking away at the anthills,sometimes parents and young and it's good to know they're thriving.

I'm so pleased the spotted pecker is thriving there again.A couple of years ago,I found a dead one on the path by Duck Brook...some moron had shot it.You may be right,they could be starting to nest on the reserve!


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