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Waverley Street Skip

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You only have one vote christopher so I expect it's people who return to see how the voting is going, by the way if you click on the button (left) 'view votes' then you will be able to read why people voted. But you probably know this already.

Ah..didn't think of that. :-[

While not ideal it would be far better to have the skip open once every two or three months rather than to close it completely.
Fly-tipping would surely result by some which would only cost the council more money to clear up. Once again those in charge appear to know the cost of everything but not the value.

Cllr Lynn Denham:
Saturday skips were discussed at the City Council's Performance Management and Budget Scrutiny Committee.  Their view was that whilst they supported withdrawal in principle, they were 'concerned that all such skips will be removed at short notice in one go'.

At our Cabinet meeting on 11th February, we considered this recommendation and agreed to review the situation.  The final decision will be made at full Council on 25th February, as part of the overall budget proposals for 14/15.

If you want to share the results of your opinion survey, it would be sensible to do so ahead of the full Council meeting.

Please vote well before may help save the monthly skip.


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