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Cllr Lynn Denham:
The Worcester City Council budget for 14/15, developed by the Labour administration, was finally voted through with the support of two Lib Dem Councillors in the early hours of this morning.  There is no longer any saving line relating to Saturday skips.  As part of the debate, Councillor Riaz thanked Cabinet for listening to Diglis residents and finding the funds to keep this service.

Please can the administrator alter the banner headline on the webpage?  The monthly Saturday skip is not about to be closed.


Excellent and sensible news!  :)

Claire E:
Great news  :)

Am so pleased to see that the skip was well used again this morning.There are so many locals who walk to the skip,with wheelbarrows,prams and one woman had bin bags hanging from her bicycle.The blokes from the council are always cheerful and helpful.
I can't begin to imagine how those without vehicles would manage if we had lost this facility,so thanks to all who campaigned for it :)


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