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I don't think he has photos but probably would recognise a few faces!

Hello I have found some old pgotos. How do I post them on here (not the easiest site to use)

Cheers! Rich.

Hi Rich

You can either upload them to photo bucket and grab the image code then paste it in your reply or you can send them to me via email and I'll upload them to photo bucket
and paste it for you.

Grab the code with the [IMG] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[ /IMG] probably the best way.

Hi Admin,

I tried and it didn't work..... So I've added a few to the Diglis Community Facebook page if you want to copy them over from there.

Rich  :)

Hi Rich

Many thanks for the photo's, I can still smell the basin when it was windshields of Worcester. What a mess the area was!

Withybed cottage

Diglis basin before development01

Diglis basin before development02

Diglis basin before development03

The train photo is already on the site under the miniature railway topic.


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