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There was an attempt in the 1950's to fill in the Withy beds,immediately beyond the wooden bridge now crossing Duck Brook,and now part of the Severn way.I think it was to try and prevent or control flooding.
Bricks and rubble were dumped there for some years and I reckon they filled in about half of the area.
The porcelain used to send lorries loaded with chalk moulds,and china,some broken,but others unglazed but great for painting on.Us kids would run after the lorry ,and as it tipped its load,we would try and catch the china as it fell out,tons of it.It's a miracle we wern't killed or maimed.

We carried our spoils home and decorating the china kept us well occupied,but the best thing was the lumps of chalk,which we used for hopscotch and to generally plaster the area with drawings etc.Not everyone appreciated our efforts and we were certainly no Banksies,but we enjoyed what could be described as recycling nowadays :)

Jaybee, is that where there is railings before you get to the river? If I remember there is a swamp inside of the railings? I haven't walked up that path for years!

Also if you follow that path along the river there is some sort of old bridge slightly further the flats at elm green close. I think it's a bridge, I can't remember. I don't even know if it's still there?

I havn't been down the Withy beds for years,so over the next week or so,I'll go down and have a recce,and let you know the lie of the land as 'twere.

When you walk into St Mark's Close,go past the entrance to the reserve(the old tip entrance),over the bridge which crosses Duck Brook.

Turn immediately right down the footpath (before you go into the housing estate) and carry on until you get to a flat wooden bridge on your right(150 yards or so).

Stay on the path,don't go over the wooden bridge.

Immediately after the bridge is the area they dumped in.

Beyond that is the area that is still wet,with bullrushes and kingcups.This area will be on your right as you curve round to the right and onto the river bank,where there might still be a spiked fence.

If you turn left onto the river bank,this will eventually lead you to the back of the flats in Elm Green Close.
There is a small bridge just before you reach the Ketch campsite,but I don't know of any other bridge.

It must be 20 years since I walked along there,mainly because the banks had fallen away,so I'd be interested to know if any remedial work has been done,since it is part of the Severn Way.


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