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Miss Salter's class 1957

Mrs. Knight's class 1957


Anybody recognise themselves?

Yes,and I know the names of some of the others at Cherry Orchard School,which was then in the old building between Cavendish St and Orchard St :)

I'll have to show my dad these, he might remember some of the kids! He went to Cherry orchard too, lived right by the school when he was at home. Still lives locally, just not Cavendish Street!  :)

Be good if he still has some old school photos.

I can remember most of the names of the kids in my class,so will put them on here soon.It might jog a few memories.

Amazing how you can remember names from many years ago,but not what you had for supper last night!

Mrs Knights class 1957.

Top row left to right;

Clive Cogan,Andrew Prosser,Barry Harris,Michael Smith?,Brian Sampson,David Sefton,Stuart Dunning,
Dennis.....? Christine.....?Robin Hemmings,Christine Downes.

Middle row left to right;

Margaret........,Kenny Smith?Lynne Allen,Carole Ryder,Gary Damari,Robert Bennett,Roy.......? John Haywood,Peter Hayes,Kathryn Saunders.

Bottom row left to right;

Jane Weaver,Jackie Bowen,Janet Evans,Marlene Newton,Lorraine Essex,Linda Nicholas,Margaret Ford,Diane Corbett,Susan North.


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