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Motorbikes on the reserve and playing fields.


There were three lads with a motorbike on the reserve and playing fields today at around one o'clock.
The police were phoned,and an incident number was given  275S.

In the meantime, a group of residents decided to deal with the situation until the police arrived.

One resident was able to confirm that the lad driving the motorbike was on the fields,when two more lads arrived in a London shape taxi,which was actually dark green.They then joined the lad on the motorbike on the field.One of the lads was driving the taxi,a photo of which will be posted here.

A local resident went over to speak with the lads,and photos were taken.The police arrived but the lads had left the fields and went up Berwick Street by the time they had got here.

This post and photos will be sent to the police,who already have plenty to go on,but if you know something to help,then please post here or phone the police on the non emergency number 03003333000.Quote the incident number 275S.

Thanks to Dave and Graham who came out to help.

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In the last photo, the man in the blue jeans was not one of the bikers and neither was the dog!

Please contact PCSO 6435 Tash Harris at the address below if you have any more information regarding the motorbike incident.
Cathedral Ward Safer Neighbourhood Team
West Mercia Police
Phone 101 ext 4945
Email :
follow us on twitter @cathedralcops

Well, if the police can't find 'em via the Taxi number plate...I'm saying now't!  ::)

Seems to be a lad zooming around regularly on a big motorbike,going across the playing fields,along the path and over the river to Lower Wick,according to several people I've spoken to.

Please report this to the police,and make sure you obtain an incident number.Also tell the police you will be taking the matter up with the ranger team.If only one person 'phones in,the police do nowt.It needs all of us to phone in.

If you can,try and take a film or photo,only if safe to do so.The non emergency police number is 03003333000.

We can't have idiots like this making our lives a misery,and putting kids,dogs etc in danger.


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