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Orchids - now you see them...

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WildlifeRanger: you don't :(

Sadly, we have had a report that some of the orchid flowers on the Nature Reserve have been picked.

"[Last week] I came across a small clump of orchids looking great in the sunshine, in the evening [...] to my horror they had been picked or more like neatly cut with scissors someones now watching them die in a vase depriving everyone else of the pleasure of seeing them in the wild. Lots of sad people about."

Whilst the species present on the Reserve are not the rarest orchids, they're still not all that common as plants, as they are very fussy about where they thrive and germinate. It is illegal to uproot any wild plant without permission, but even just picking these less common flowers will have an effect on their survival and spread.

I'm pretty sure it was no one who uses this forum, but if you happen to spot someone thinking about putting them in a vase, perhaps you could let them know (politely) that they'll do much better where they are...

More info:

The Wildlife and Coutryside Act (1981):


There's lots of info here about the orchid species found on the reserve too, see if you can identify them!


Well,I for one am spitting tacks over the thoughtless moron who did this.We've all enjoyed seeing the orchids growing on the reserve over the years,and now that pleasure has been taken away from everyone.

Sorry my reaction is a bit strong,but that's the way I feel about it >:(

The person who cut these orchid's are mindless idiots. They have no regard to anybody or anything and should be throughly ashamed of themselves!!  >:(

It would appear there are more "Numpties" about than I first imagined!


I occasionally pick flowers from my own garden but was always told, growing up, that it was wrong to pick wild flowers on the grounds that 'if everyone did it, there would be none left'.

I think the person who picked the orchids must have had a very poor upbringing and I just hope they haven't bred. >:(


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