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Footballers rubbish

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Sunday May 19th

The photos I took of the footballers,supporters and the rubbish they left behind says it all really.
I did a litter pick and took photos at one pm,just after they left the field,after starting the match at 10am.

I didn't have time to get as far as the henge end pitch,so if someone is able to enlighten me as to the state the pitch was left in I'd appreciate it.

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Cllr Lynn Denham:
I have had an initial response from the City Council's Cleaner and Greener Department.  There are currently only two football league teams who officially book the fields and they have been written to.  However, 'the pitches are in practice part of the open spaces available to the public at no charge'.  So I have asked whether the teams that left the litter as photographed were official or not.

In the meantime, the park and parking wardens have been informed of the problem so when they are in the area they can check and speak to any footballers if they observe a problem.

Thank you Lynn.

I have now also had a very positive reply from Tim Phillips, The Secretary of the Worcester & District Football League.

Hello all,

I have been asked to collate more information on the frequency of matches played at Diglis, and any incidents of unacceptable post-match rubbish levels, so that we can tell whether the main culprits are indeed booked (and therefore contactable through the league) or if there are other ad-hoc users we need to identify.

It would be really useful if members of this forum could record on this thread brief details of any matches they observe, including:
Description of teams (age/ kit)
Litter levels post match (and before if noticed) (including the good ones!)

I'm not expecting this to be an exhaustive survey, nor am I asking people to approach the teams! But hopefully it will give us a clearer picture of what is needed.

My colleague Michelle Newell, Community Engagement Team Leader for Cleaner and Greener, would like to contact the Friends of Diglis Fields directly soon to discuss this issue - who is the best contact? You can email contact details to me at

Heather Bainbridge
Assistant Wildlife Ranger, Worcester City Council

I'll check the pitches before the games,and again after.

I see no reason why we should have to paddle through all the rubbish they leave behind every weekend.

There was so much last week,I couldn't carry it all >:(


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