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Hi folks,
This is just to let you know that I am a (retired old git) volunteer for the Canal & River Trust (CRT).
I usually walk the length of the canal from Diglis Basin to the Bilford Road Lock.  I do it weekly on Tuesday mornings.   To date I have walked the whole length 6 times, and gathered 12 (twelve) 40 litre bin bags of rubbish along the way!  I hasten to add that not much of the litter is in the Diglis area, but as my patch is predominantly in the City, and it's an urban area, there IS a lot of dross  discarded by people.
My role, apart from litter picking, is to check that canal facilities (e.g. lifebuoys) are in place and undamaged, and note any damage/leaks (at locks) and/or graffiti that needs CRT's attention.
If you see anything untoward and wish to report it (please!) - I usually arrive at (about 09.30) on a Tuesday.   Otherwise you can call the Canal & River Trust on (0303) 040 4040.
The local office address is in Gloucester:-  South Wales and Severn Waterways, Canal & River Trust, The Dock Office, Commercial Road, Gloucester, GL1 2EB.

Thanks :)


Thanks Olly. Litter and drinking along the canal is an issue I raised recently with Cllr. Roger Knight. I know he is looking into trying to do something that will help. Let's hope so?


Hi Olly and welcome to the Diglis forum.

I believe christopher was referring to the below email from Cllr. Knight below. I don't think it was published on the main site, only in the 'Friends of Diglis Fields' page. The Friends of Diglis Fields' decided that it would be far too much for them to undertake at this time. I'm not sure if christopher replied to Cllr. Knight but he is usually on the ball so I think he may have done so.

I'll post it on here in the hope others in the Community may like to become a volunteer.

--- Quote ---We had a meeting with the Canal and River Trust last week, they are as keen as we are to get things moving to ensure some regular maintenance of the Canal side from Diglis basins through to the football club and are looking to establish a friends group to develop some ownership and stewardship.

The view is that as CRT have little in the way of funding, a friends group supported and equipped by CRT with some input from the City Council may be a way forward.  Discussions included the possibility of providing a boat amongst other things, fully, serviced and with fuel and equipment provided.  The City Council might be able to help with the costs of acquisition and CRT would supply materials and training.

Setting up a group from scratch could be difficult and time consuming, I wondered if the Friends Of Diglis might consider taking this on or to work towards developing a sister group.  I told those present at the meeting, which also included County Highways), that I would put the suggestion to you and that if there was thought to be  any future in it, then perhaps a meeting could be arranged.  There is already a chap who has undertaken litter picks in the area of Tallow Hill, he might be a good chap to bring in as well.

I realise that this is a very sketchy outline of an idea, but is this something you would feel able to take to your group for discussion?  Please let me know what you think.

Many thanks.

--- End quote ---

If you would like a place on the site where you and others can discuss events, achievements etc., I'll be more that happy to set a members only page up for you.

Thank you folks.
The CRT IS planning (sometime) to take a narrow boat along the canal, to clear the detritus from the opposite side of the canal to the towpath.
Once the birds' young have fledged and moved on, we can start to cut the trees & reeds back, and pick up the floating junk that has accumulated.
We ought to start in the Diglis Basin, so when I know more (likely dates & timings, etc), I will let you (the Administrator) know.
Stay safe!  :)

Cllr Lynn Denham:
Well done Olly for your good work!

The Worcester Canal volunteers event is on this Saturday (6th April) between 10.30am and 12.30pm at Lansdowne Park if anyone is interested.  According to Worcester News (2nd April 2013, p2) the canal cleaning barge will be out too.


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