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Please post here about anything concerning the Cherry Orchard Nature Reserve

Cherry Orchard Local Nature Reserve is next to the little train field at the end of Diglis playing fields as most locals would know.The nature reserve of over thirty acres is managed by the wildlife wardens,helped on certain occasions by volunteers.It is lovely and peaceful over there,with so much wildlife at all times of the year.

This year,mainly because we have had so much rain,butterflies have been in short supply,so if you should see any,then please post here.If you are unable to identify it,then a description would do.All sightings are recorded and given to the wardens as part of a nationwide survey,so your help will be greatly appreciated.

Over the years,there has been a problem from time to time with illegal motorbikers.The police and wardens deal with this together and so if you see motorbikers on the playing fields or the nature reserve,call the police on the non emergency number.Always ask for the incident number and tell them you will be checking what steps were taken with the wardens.A description of the bike and the rider is always useful.I usually take a film or photo,but only if it's safe to do so.

The reserve is looking at its best at present,so go and enjoy it.See you over there :)

I have to add that the Cherry Orchard nature reserve is a great asset to the area. Thinking back to just a few years ago this ground was overgrown and a haven for motor bikers to disturb the neighbours.

It's a credit to the Worcester Wild Life Rangers Team who have done SO much in such a short space of time to make this area a pleasure to walk in, exercise dogs in, and all this while making it a haven for wildlife to thrive in.

Well done to the Worcester WildLife Rangers Team.  :)

Thanks for your support and nice comments, it's lovely to know how much people value the Reserve!

If you have comments or ideas about the Nature Reserve, feel free to post them here and we will try to respond, but if your concern is of an urgent nature, please contact the Hub as usual, on 01905 722233

Despite the poor butterfly numbers, we've seen record numbers of slowworms in our surveys this year - 73 last week and 83 this week! There were 12 under one mat - somewhat difficult to count before they wriggled off!

The Wildlife Ranger Team

I absolutely agree - we are so lucky to have the Nature Reserve in our local area but even luckier still to have people who look after it.   



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